Not Given Up Yet!

how running, cycling and swimming is helping me avoid infirmity for a bit longer

2017 race schedule

2017 is a bit of a ‘dial-back’ year racing wise, to avoid yet another year of disappearing from my family for hundreds of hours of Ironman training. I am intending to do some sprints instead to build a little speed up (although at the time of writing, i’ve only entered one!), and then back to IM in 2018. I do seem to have entered quite a lot of running events in the meantime!

14th Jan – Capital to Country ultra 43 miles

12th Mar – Silverstone half marathon

23rd Apr – London Marathon

4th Jun – Tallington Lakes sprint tri

25th June – Grimsthorpe half marathon

24th Sep – Equinox 24 hour ultra run

15th Oct – Peterborough Great Eastern Run half marathon

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