….is my crazy, nut job Spaniel.

Maisie runs with me. Or more accurately, she runs a few feet infront of me, and occasionally stops to give me chance to catch up.

Maisie is now 16mths old, and despite the header picture in this post, as you can see below, is now a bit bigger, but even so has only been running with me for a few months (its bad for dogs to take them running too young), yet is already comfortable up to 5 miles.


I’ve bought a running harness for her, a proper elasticated dog running lead and waist harness for me… we may well enter some cani cross at some point, at which point I probably need better kit for her. I only bought cheap stuff until I knew whether she’d like running or not.

I now come downstairs in my running kit, and she follows me at a distance of 6 inches. If I stop and pick up her harness, she goes crazy… it takes a few minutes for her to calm down enough to get the harness on.  If we both come downstairs in running gear, she knows its game on, we have full on ‘meltdown’ and its time to head for the back door!

I think she likes running.