In your 40’s and thinking of your first triathlon?

Well, be encouraged in knowing that you are very far from alone.

In fact, in the last industry research, the average age of participants in the UK was 42, with the largest growth group being 40 to 49.

I can also, from observation confirm that this is very much the case at events I’ve attended.

Furthermore, its not as nearly male dominated a sport as many think, with nearly a third of regular participants being female. (I’ve even roped my own – grown up – daughter in, which will be the subject of a blog another day)

The more observant amongst you will have also noted that I have used the term ‘events’ rather than ‘races’. This is quite intentional. While in reality, triathlons, of which there are an estimated 24 a week in the UK now are races, anyone who has attended them will tell you that there is a more than significant percentage of entrants who are there to ‘complete’, not ‘compete’, in the same way that happens at marathons, and for them its an event, or arguable even an occasion.

“In my experience, these groups of ‘completers’ are very often the ones that are having the most fun!” – Tweet this!

Finally, triathlon has this wonderful sense of community about it… not a community of perfect bodies and athletic prowess (although in fairness, there are some!), but one of ‘everyone is welcome’. You only have to attend some of the long distance triathlons to see that the biggest crowds on the finish line, the loudest cheers for finishers, and the most respect dished out, are to those who slog it out to the very end… yes, the super fast young guns are admired too, but the first timers, aged 45, testing their limits are the ones that are held in the most respect.

So, this is my roundabout way of saying…. if you are in your 40s and thinking of having a go… then do!… you’ll not be alone, you’ll not be the odd one out, and you will get more encouragement, support and help than you could imagine possible. Its not an elitist sport, and we nearly all love to help others join in.

I’m interested in what has encouraged you to give tri a try, and what is stopping you, so feel free to share your thoughts!

I’ve a future planned blog with a bit of a walk through on what to expect, and what to do as you drive up to your first event and park, as for many in my experience, this can be one of the most daunting bits of the day, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, ask ANY questions you have… they’ll be answered!

Any finally…. if you think this blog is helpful in encouraging new entrants into triathlon, whether its you, your family, or friends, then please share via Twitter, Facebook, or whatever method you prefer… the more of us getting involved the better for our wonderful sport!